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“Painting was something that I started rather late in life but it seems I have been working toward it for many years.  As a gallery owner and frame designer for almost 40 years, my sense of color and design was honed by the time I picked up a paintbrush a little over 8 years ago.  I paint intuitively and abstractly and adore creating something that is totally original – something that nobody else could have possibly done.  Sometimes I start by choosing colors or make a decision to break up the canvas in a certain pattern, but almost certainly the painting finds its own direction before it is complete.  I love acrylics because of their versatility and because they dry quickly, which allows me to add layers, skins, textures, and sometimes collage and then scrape or sgraffito into the under layers for detail.  That being said, I go through phases when oil paints are my preference….usually applied over a painting that was begun in acrylic.  And, most recently, I have dived into cold wax and oil medium.  That REALLY allows for layering, excavating, and creating exciting textures in a painting.  Whatever the medium, I think that color and energy dominate my art and are the recognizable link between my very diverse paintings.”


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Carmen grew up in North Carolina, graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and later received a graduate degree from Boston University.  None of these degrees were in art!  She studied painting at the Art League School  in Alexandria, Virginia and in other workshops from Sicily to Santa Fe to Solomons Island, where her eponymous gallery brings quality art instruction to Solomons thorough gallery workshops, which she hosts.  Carmen’s gallery also organized the annual Solomons Plein Air Festival, which raised money for charitable organizations.  In 2013, Carmen organized a cultural art exchange trip to Cuba where artists and art lovers painted, visited the studios and homes of Cuban artists and learned about the architecture of the island and the Cuban culture.  Imagine the possibilities now!


Formerly a gallery owner in New Orleans, Carmen still maintains a house and painting studio on Royal Street in the Marigny and uses any excuse she can find to head to NOLA!  When not at her home in New Orleans, she resides in Solomons Island, Maryland or at her beach house in Wrightsville Beach with her many rescue critters – mostly cats – and her husband, Matt.

For a full selection of Carmen's art visit:

Village life
underwater rhapsody 48.60 plus frame
new cwo 2
turq. cold wax
New CWO 1
flipped, cropped
a swath of moonlight on the magenta mars
awaiting florence I
awaiting florence II
awaiting florence III
learn cursive
happy accidents
undersea II
hidden reef 24x24 2
new tribal piece acrylic w collage
new large cwo
cwo diptych re shoot
circular argument
Feeling Frisky, revisited, acrylic on ca
Jubilance!  Oil on canvas, ga;;eru wra[[
Gris Gris, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 48, g
Native Origins II, acrylic on canvas, 36
Copper Vein - cold wax & oil  12 x 12, f
You are my Sunshine, acrylic on deep can
Life takes a Turn, cold wax & oil on pan
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Below are a few of Carmen's sold paintings

Lava Dance I
Lava Dance II
Lava Field
Cask 13
dark to light
Read Between the Lines
The Street Sleeps
Halloween on Julia Street
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To see more of carmen's paintings please visit her website at


p.o. box 466

14550 Solomons Island Road

Solomons, Maryland 20688

phone: 410.326.2549

fax: 410.326.3264

email: info@carmensgallery.com


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We are open only by appointment at this time.  We will keep you updated..

 To make appointment or purchase call Carmen at 410.610.4075.

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