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Wesley James Drake

Wesley James Drake is a traditional representational painter. He has a strong love of travel and experiencing other places and cultures. These experiences are usually translated onto canvas after he has had the opportunity to observe the interaction of light and color, and to have the emotional connection with the subject that painting from life (plein air painting) creates. Drake was born in New York, but began traveling at an early age, which could explain his current love of travel and wanderlust. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors, and then went on to attend the Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Art in Chicago, where he now resides. Major influences on Wes' work include the traditional styles of John Singer Sargeant, William Trost Richards, George Inness, and William Merritt Chase.


Wes is a master of many subjects from cityscapes to maritime paintings to gorgeous landscapes from all over the world. He periodically likes to break a few rules of painting, and his results are even better for it! carmen's gallery has had the honor of hosting Wesley Drake on his visits to come and paint our town. The paintings from these visits have long ago found homes, but Drake is prolific and loves what he does, so expect many more paintings from this multi-talented artist!


When Wes is not painting in some far corner of the world, he can be found relaxing at home with his wife, Leesa, his son, Adam, and a myriad of animals. Or, then again, he may be running marathons and performing in iron man competitions. Quite a well rounded and wonderful man Wesley James Drake is!

Please contact us for availability of Wesley Drake paintings  ... only a few left!


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