About carmen's gallery

Things are changing a bit here since the Covid pandemic started.  We are open by appointment and are not offering framing services at this time, however.....I will refer you to our framer who is the absolute best in the tri county area!  She and I received our CPFs (Certified Picture Framer) at the same time...two of the first 500 worldwide!  And, her prices rock!

Carmen's gallery is about art. For 40 years it has been our privilege to feature art and artists from around the world in our beautiful Solomons island setting. Now, in 2020, we are focusing on the art of gallery owner Carmen Lee Nance Gambrill along with a few select others. U.K. artist Jo Barry and Polish cubist Marius Zabinski are the best in the world at their art, so they are in full force here. Art by the other wonderful artists featured on this website is still available through carmen's, so if you don't see it on display at the gallery, just ask and we can order from the artist for you.


We also carry in our fashionable Lagniappe Boutique: handmade fine crafts, elegant jackets, clothing and artisan jewelry. We provide what others don't in the art world of southern Maryland. For more info, please contact the gallery. We will help you choose art, custom framing, or a unique gift in the beautiful gallery or through this website. Carmen is a certified picture framer (CPF) and specializes in museum quality conservation framing. Our gallery feline sisters Sayla, Calypso, Picasa provide help as needed in this beautiful, historic waterfront setting.  It will be  a visit to remember and we hope that we will be open sooner rather than later!

Gallery owner

Carmen Lee Nance Gambrill



Artist and certified picture framer

Carmen Gambrill
Carmen Gambrill

Owner, Artist

Carmen Lee Nance Gambrill, pictured at left with Buckaroo, is the owner and resident artist at carmen's gallery. Below are the full-time gallery residents who love to greet old friends and new when they walk in the door. Purring is not optional at carmen's! Calypso, Sayla and Picasa look forward to your next visit.


Several other folks help out around the gallery from time to time, so be sure to come in and meet our gracious staff.


Warm smiles and customized service await you here at carmen's gallery.

MAX on piano.jpg

Saying goodbye to Bella…and now  MAX

After 20 years as gallery cat, Bella left us last June.  I heard from a couple of people that Sylvia and Buckaroo needed company in heaven.  I’m sure they’re together now.   She was adopted from P.A.W.S. at the Christmas Walk at the gallery all those years ago.  Bodes well for rescue.

And now MAX...in just one day he went from a healthy, loving greeter at the gallery to gone.  His chest filled with fluid and he couldn't breathe.  We are so very mournful here.  The 3 girls loved him more than I knew.  Max, you and Buckaroo must meet in heaven.  You were so much alike and so beloved.

After almost 40 years of living at the gallery from 11-5 daily, I'm spreading my wings!  I am enjoying painting, traveling, gardening, kayaking, swimming and lots more.  Thank you for understanding that our gallery is a one person gig - ME!  So, I'm cutting back on the hours but not the quality of what we offer.  I'm always available by appointment, which gives you even more private attention!  Thank you so much for your continued patronage!

Community Connections

Carmen serves on the Board of the Solomons Business Association and hopes that the efforts of that group make Solomons an attractive destination for vacationers and other visitors.

The JULY 4 Fireworks are paid for by the SBA...private businesses!  It costs $30,000.  Your donations are more than appreciated!  Donate at www.solomonsbusiness.com.